Increase performance with data-driven content automation

No performance without relevance. No relevance without volume. No volume without automation.

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What is Render?

Make sure you don't miss out on all of the benefits from increased presence, relevance, and content variation.

Render automates content production and distribution at speed and scale across all channels. We translate data into creative content. Render delivers every relevant content output to any type of situation - instantly.

What can content automation do for you?

Reduce content production costs

With end-to-end content automation you can make tedious manual tasks obsolete, simplify the workflow, and reduce production costs.

Create relevant content for any situation

We integrate with all known ad platforms as well as brand-owned channels, broadcasting, in-store, and out-of-home. With close to zero incremental production cost and no time-to-market. Render delivers every relevant content output to any type of situation - instantly.

Optimize & personalize continuously

Relevant output permutations are created and activated instantly and around-the-clock to serve every use case, improve user experience, and increase relevance and conversion. We support contextual targeting in a cookie-free world.

What can you do with content automation?

Create quality ads for all products and offers

Companies with many SKUs or offerings know how difficult it can be to keep track with the content production. With Render handling production and distribution across channels you can produce you can have whatever message you find relevant for customers ready. For some of our clients we drove up the number of ad production with more than 4.000%.

Be relevant

Be relevant when you engage potential or existing customers. Make the best of the moment. Content automation cut down production costs allowing you to personalize your messages for your audience, time of day, ad channel, geography, stock market developments, weather data and much more – without increasing production costs.

Co-create with local partners

Make sure that content is always locally relevant without compromising quality. With Render you can balance local partners creative mandate. You define if and what part of design, copy and images they should be able to influence. (Here is your chance to get rid of WordArt)

Reduce time to market

Achieve content production cycles faster than 60 seconds. With Render ad content is created and updated almost instantly. Listening to your data Render can create new content as soon as changes are detected – e.g. whenever you update websites or product feeds. This allows you to always be live with competitive prices – or get ahead of news media with relevant stories.

Optimize your media spend

Automation helps you to diversify your media activities and move towards an always-on-strategy. It allows for improved optimization and performance, more flexible media purchasing and reduced ad fatique. We have cases proving 70% CPM reduction.

Remove repetition

Content automation allow you to optimize your workflows and remove repetitive tasks. Free up time for strategy and original creative work.

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