One platform to bridge all marketing activities

One platform to bridge all marketing activities

A Coherent Customer Experience

Automation for all channels

Social Media

Render integrates with social media APIs, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or SnapChat, and creates all types of content -- from simple video posts, stories or product catalogs.

Digital Display & WebTV

Render integrates with the most popular Demand Site Platforms and is able to utilize services and draw reports.

Web content

Render can create web content directly on your own channels. This ranges from content snippets to entire landing pages that adapt to the ad-directing traffic to maximize relevance.

Instore / POS / Venues

Render integrates with instore channels and data collection. We can deliver video content with ad performance insights to instore / POS monitors. Data collection from physical sensors is still in its early stage, but has huge potential for the future of Render instore integration.

Digital Out-Of-Home

Running ads on DOOH-monitors has limited insights. Why not use digital ads insights to adapt content on DOOH-monitors. Render allows for integration with DOOH-providers using content feeds.


Use existing assets and content in your direct email campaigns. Render™ is able to generate content snippets or entire emails from existing data, distributed to your email channels.

Flow & Addressable TV

Render is able to generate content in TVC quality and utilize personal targeting methods in Addressable TV platforms. If you're looking Flow TV with frequently updated content, Render might also be a good solution for you.


Examples on integrations to ad platforms and third party services.